Jaz Dhami

Jaz Dhami looks set to redefine the UK Punjabi music rulebook. From the Heart of the UK Bhangra Industry (Handsworth, Birmingham) an unlimited wellspring of rising musical acts, Jaz Dhami is one of the few who can boast real star quality, originality and passion for a life long dream. 
From the tender age of nine Jaz’s vocal abilities were recognised by his father. Having been a singer in an 80 Bhangra group himself, the realisation of his son’s talent and ambition was unmistakable. With the support of family and friends, Jaz’s musical journey began to take form when he was taken under the wing of renowned Ustad Ajit Singh Mutlashi Ji. Ajit Singh’s seven years taught Jaz the roots of Indian classical music, giving him the opportunity to release his creativity through his voice.
The likelihood of a future in music further became a realistic aspiration when Punjab welcomed Jaz into the advanced classical vocal training programme with Professor Hari Dev Ji. Advanced skills in vocal and Harmonium ensemble further allowed Jaz to portray his creativity and musical intuition. Spending time in India further motivated Jaz to embrace his culture and heritage and fuse it with his talent, developing what is frequently described as the angelic voice we hear today.
On returning from India, the scholar of Punjabi music exercised his talent and gained entry into Paul McCartney’s distinguished Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), where he successfully achieved his Diploma in Popular Music and Sound Technology, which proved his intellect and integrity, as well as natural ability. 
Further to the outstanding achievements in the UK, Jaz returned to India to accomplish a second degree from Chandigharh University in Indian classical music. His efforts were recognised and well received by internationally renowned playback singer Jayshree Shivram Ji in Mumbai, who gave Jaz further advanced vocal training, broadening his musical horizons in Hindi and Ghazal.
On returning to the UK, the 23-year-old academic proudly completed another degree from London College of Music and Media in Music Technology (BA Hons). Armed with in-depth knowledge and understanding of music, the graded pianist turned his attention to Bhangra and keeping alive live Punjabi music. Jaz now offers vocal tutoring to other young individuals who aim to pursue their dreams and ambitions. 
Jaz was first heard on Aman Hayer’s Groundshaker 2)album on the track Sadi Jind Jaan, which has been internationally received as a global hit track.
With a sound that embraces, mesmerises and entraps all Jaz Dhami is the UK’s hottest New Punjabi Artist. Be sure to be impressed watch this space.
Source: http://jaz-dhami.blogspot.in/